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Thursday march 20th 2003 , 17.12 CET:
Oils wells would be burning outside the iraqi city of basra, is what has just been said by fox television. The Iraqi Oil minister denies these reports. The television in Kuwait also says several oilwells would be on fire while the jordanian television says the US would have bombed these wells. None of these messages have been confirmed.
Thursday march 20th 2003 , 16.56 CET:
It is now confirmed that in the US strikes 1 civilian was killed and 14 others injured. There is said that some other non-military targets are hit, like a customs office and a site belonging to iraqi television and radio. Iraqi tv later on broadcasted a live speech from Saddam, but this was taken into doubt by many people because Saddam has so many body-doubles. There are even rumours that Saddam would have been hit by the attacks from last but so far nobody gave any confirmation concerning that story. US officials have confirmed that last night 900 kg sattelite controlled bombs were dropped on Baghdad by stealth fighters.
Thursday march 20th 2003 , 12.52 CET:
Pentagon sources said more than 40 satellite-guided cruise missiles were launched at the leadership targets from three vessels -- the USS Donald Cook in the Red Sea, a submarine in the Red Sea and an unnamed Aegis cruiser in the Persian Gulf. Two U.S. F-117A Stealth fighters were also involved in the attack, dropping "bunker buster" bombs. U.S. Patriot missiles knocked an Iraqi Scud out of the sky Thursday afternoon about two hours after two other Scuds landed without injury near the U.S. forces' main logistics center in the Kuwaiti desert, the military said.
Thursday march 20th 2003 , 04.30 CET:
In an official statement, president Bush has declared that coalition forces have begun military action in Iraq.
Thursday march 20th 2003 , 03.39 CET:
According to television stations, bombing on Iraq have begun. Anti-aircraft was visible above the city. Flescher has stated that "the operation has begun", so the bombing will probably go on from now on. The North of Iraq is already assumed to have been bombed. More facts will be given sometime tomorrow.
Thursday march 20th 2003 , 02.00 CET:
The deadline Bush had given Saddam is now passed and Saddam is still in Iraq. America will now go on to military actions on a time that suits them best. On this current moment, no attacks have yet been reported..
Wednesday march 19th 2003 , 21.31 CET:
The first speculations about the war are being made. According to analysts, the flightfields in western Iraq will be attacked first, because there were several launches of scuds from this location in the previous gulfwar. If the invasion succeeds, this possibility would be gone. President Bush himself has wrote a letter to congress on wednesday officially stating that America will go into war with Iraq, and the reason why. The why according to him was : because all diplomatic solutions had ran to an end. Saddam on the other hand is offered safe asile from Bahrain.The government of Bahrain hopes that Saddam will think twice and prevent a war in that way.
Wednesday march 19th 2003 , 00.05 CET:
Hans Blix has officially stated that all un-employees have left Iraq due to the increasing threath. President Bush also asked for this in order to secure safety. In Iraq, the population each have their own vision on the war. In times of war, less people would be likely to die for their regime then intentionally thought, that is what a survey has showed. So the real size of Saddams army will be known after the first American attack.
Tuesday march 18th 2003 , 18.05 CET:
Saddam has rejected the ultimatum from the united states after meeting with his government, this caused the formation of a coalition that will be ready to attack Iraq immediatly. According to Washington, the coalition would contain 30 countries and another extra 15 that do not wish to be mentioned. France said it was willing to help in this coalition is the proof is given that Saddam has used chemical or biological weapons. Germany on the other hand persists in not supporting this war.
Tuesday, march 18th 2003, 02.00 CET:
Tonight at 2.00 CET president Bush has adressed his nation and the world. In this speech, his gives Saddam and his sons 48 hours to leave the country. This deadline ends at 20.00 CET wednesdaynight.. If Saddam and his sons refuse to fulfil the demands, America will take military action at a time that suits them best.In America, whatsoever, the situation for terrorist attacks has increased from yellow to orange. In this speech, president Bush also once again indicated the connections between Iraq and terrorist movements. The answer of Saddam to this speech is not known yet, but the chances are small that he will leave the country..

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