Date :3/21/03 11:23:23 AM
  No.: 5
llll bbbb SPA-5-politics/Bush message says U.S. and Pakistan should be proud of their fight against terrorism ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Mar 21, SPA -- President George W. Bushhas congratulated Pakistan ahead of its National Day, sayingboth countries can be proud of their efforts to fightterrorism. Sunday's anniversary marks the 1940 resolution that pavedthe way for the creation of Pakistan as an independenthomeland for the Muslims of South Asia. Pakistan wascreated seven years later when British rule of thesubcontinent ended. "We will strive to continue strengthening the bondsbetween our peoples and government," Bush said in amessage sent to President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan'sforeign minister Kursheed Kasuri said in a statement on Friday. In his message, Bush said Washington is committed toworking with Pakistan "to build on the achievements of thepast." "The dramatic successes that our cooperation has achievedagainst the international terrorism is a record of which wecan be proud. We look forward to continuing these efforts,as we broaden and deepen our reinvigorated relationship,"he said. In his message Bush said he hoped that "the coming yearwill bring further opportunities to advance our mutualinterests and strengthen the bonds of friendship betweenour nations." In a separate message to Prime Minister Zafarullah KhanJamali, Bush expressed his gratitude for Pakistan's supportto Washington in the war against terrorism.--SPA1123 Local Time 0823 GMT

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