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America's Running Out Of Supermodels
Friday March 28, 2003, Weekly World News
MILAN, Italy -- America has been hit hard by a devastating shortage of supermodels -- and insiders say if this trend continues, it could have a crippling effect on the $140 billion fashion industry. "In the 80s and 90s, there was a surplus of supermodels," notes fashion expert Gustav Gallows. "But the original generation of supermodels is fading, and there are no new ones coming along to replace them. In a very short while, the supermodel as we know it may become extinct." Another expert agrees...

Dumb Ways People Have Died
Thursday March 27, 2003, Weekly World News

Hitler Had A Secret Son
Wednesday March 26, 2003, Weekly World News

America Should be A Bad-Ass Cowboy
Tuesday March 25, 2003, Weekly World News
I'm madder than Roy Rogers with a busted guitar at all these filthy foreigners whining about how Americans are a bunch of "cowboys." These yahoos think we're the bad guys and that the real problem in the world today is "American imperialism" -- not that nutcase Saddam having enough anthrax and nerve gas to wipe out the human race 10 times over. Well, folks, I say it's high time for Uncle Sam to proudly tell the world he is a cowboy. A bad- ass cowboy who's not afraid to shoot first and ask...

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