•Welcome America’s war on Saddam Hussein..
As many of the country’s citizens say



“I CAN’T WAIT until tomorrow,” he blurted out, “Iraqis have waited too long. Saddam Hussein will be finished and people will all come out in the street to celebrate. Just you wait and see.” He laughed and almost started dancing a jig himself, then and there. We’d figured all along that war would trigger panic, desperation and, yes, jubilation among Iraqis. After weeks of denial and feigned indifference, raw and complex emotions had began pouring out in recent days. After decades of censoring their every word, some citizens now dared to speak out (albeit still privately in most cases) against the regime of Saddam Hussein. “He killed everything that was beautiful in Iraq,” said Mohamed (a pseudonym), “The Americans need to capture him and kill him on television to convince Iraqis that he is really gone. Then they will celebrate.”




•Iraq fires missiles at Kuwait..



Only hours after the United States launched “Operation Iraqi Freedom” to oust Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, Iraq retaliated with missile strikes aimed at American forces in the Kuwait desert.




•Gas Mask's...



U.S. ARMY troops at Camp New Jersey in the Kuwaiti desert donned gas masks in response to an alert, the Associated Press reported, after a suspected Iraqi missile was fired in the area. Troops of the 3rd Brigade 101st Airborne Brigade were in bunkers and did not immediately know if a chemical weapon caused the alert. Earlier, Defense Minister Sheik Jaber Mubarak Al Sabah told The Kuwait News Agency that two missiles were fired near the border with Iraq. There were no casualties or damages, another official told KUNA. “It looks like a Chinese-made surface-to-surface missile, probably fired from (Iraq’s) al-Faw peninsula,” a Kuwaiti defense official told Reuters. “It seems they were trying to hit the American camp at Doha but missed,” he added, referring to a large U.S.-run military facility north of Kuwait City.


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