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Monday, Mar 31, 2003
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Taliban leader calls for attacks on Americans

The leader of the Taliban, Mullah Mohammed Omar, has renewed his call for a holy war against U.S. troops and their Afghan sympathizers.

Omar issued the decree through posters displayed all over eastern Afghanistan. Some 600 Islamic clerics signed poster reminding the faithful of their duty to wage jihad, or holy war.

"Whenever the non-Muslims attack a Muslim land it is the duty of everyone to raise against the aggressor," the black and white poster said.

"We were blamed for Osama bin Laden because they said he was a terrorist and he was taking shelter with us. But what is the fault of Iraq? Iraq has no Osama bin Laden in his country," the poster, written in Pashtu, said.

Besides drawing parallels between Afghanistan and Iraq, the 60-centimetre by 45-centimetre poster also includes verses from the Koran explaining jihad.

Pashtu is the native language of the majority of Pashtuns, the ethnic group of most Taliban foot soldiers.

The message was posted openly in villages in eastern Afghanistan and the tribal regions of Pakistan, where Taliban loyalists are reportedly hiding.

the CBC, 2003

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