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Mar, 23 2003
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02:31 2003-03-23
USA Steals Iraqs Assets

The Bush administration and its allies have added thievery to its growing list of criminal actions after three days of terrorist and murderous activities in Iraq have left hundreds of civilians injured and at least five dead. These are war crimes. Bush, Rumsfeld, Blair, Hoon and their administrations are terrorists, murderers and war criminals.

Washington has stolen 1,740,000,000 USD of Iraqi assets held in the United States of America in 18 banks, claiming that it will be sued for the reconstruction of Iraq after the removal of Saddam Husseins regime. In a further action of blatant arrogance, Washington asked the international community to close Iraqi embassies and to expel its diplomats, a move which was met with a humiliating and resounding No, almost without exception.

Washington claims that none of the ambassadors appointed by the Baath regime of Saddam Hussein will be allowed to perform their duties by the new government of Iraq (which it has already carefully chosen).

Washington has no right under international law to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign state. Like the colonial powers which created the hotspots in the world today by drawing lines on maps with the philosophy This is ours and that is yours, the many straight lines visible in any Atlas bearing witness to this, Washington intends to install a western-style government in a geographical area in which this model is alien. One has only to look at all the other countries in the region.

Freedom and democracy, as usual, are the flags waved by the USA, a country in which the media is far from free, a country which practices censorship, which uses blackmail in its international diplomacy, treating the UN Security Council with overbearing despotism and now, on top of this, Washington commits acts of terrorism, murdering innocent Iraqi civilians in an illegal war.

Difficult times lie ahead. Washington and London wrongly imagine that the rest of the world will soon forgive and forget this war once the economy takes up again. This will not happen, since the anti-war movements are all connected, determined and are pooling resources. The world is uniting against a new wave of tyranny, the world reacts against a new evil.

This act of terrorism, these acts of murder, are the beginning of the end for the Bush and Blair governments. No administration has the right to flout international law, disregard the United Nations, attack a sovereign state, remove its government and install a puppet regime so that its resources can be stolen.

George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair and Geoff Hoon are hereby notified that they are guilty of acts of murder in Iraq and will be accordingly prosecuted under the norms of international law, the terms of which they chose to break.

These anachronisms are a block to the progress of humankind and will pay the price of all those before them who misjudged the moment, went too far and paid the price as the heavy hand of History has so often proved.


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Basra: 77 civilians butchered
Terrorist attack by coalition aircraft butchers 77 civilians
Western news agencies have quoted Iraqi sources, claiming that the result of the sustained bombardment on Iraqs second city, Basra, is 77 civilians.
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USA Steals Iraqs Assets
Thieving, terrorism, murderhow much lower can the Bush administration sink?
The Bush administration and its allies have added thievery to its growing list of criminal actions after three days of terrorist and murderous activities in Iraq have left hundreds of civilians injured and at least five dead. These are war crimes. Bush, Rumsfeld, Blair, Hoon and their administrations are terrorists, murderers and war criminals.
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Oscar in Time of Plague
The 75th Oscar award ceremony will take place on Sunday, but it is going to be one of the saddest and one of the most shameful ceremonies ever held in the history of the Academy
America is a strange country: when astronauts die, a national mourning is declared in the country, but when ordinary soldiers lose their lives, presentation of Oscars is held there. The USA doesnt care about Iraqi and Iranian soldiers and civilians, but at the same time many American soldiers are and will be dying at the war as well. And it is not ruled out that some of them will fall victims right at the moment when the Academy plans to distribute Oscar awards. Academy insiders and organizers of the award ceremony laugh at all rumors saying that the ceremony will be postponed because of the Iraqi war
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Ivanov: Washington Will Have to Contact UN Security Council After Iraqi War
The United States will have to ask the UN Security Council to legalize its actions, after the Iraqi war ends. This was disclosed here today by Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, as he addressed a session of the foreign-and-defense policy council. More details...

France, Go Home!!! USA on the Offensive on All Fronts, one of the leading online news services standing for American values, has launched an anti-France campaign on the American Internet
The USA seems to have determined to quickly assume the offensive on all fronts at once. The Iraqi front is just one of them. An uncovered ideological war has been launched against the French. France is known as the main opponent to Washingtons aggressive plans. France was the first to promise to resolutely veto the British-American resolution on Iraq. And being completely crazy from impunity, the USA cannot forgive this promise to France
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USA Commits Act of Terrorism
Attempted murder in Iraqi capital
In a criminal attack against the Iraqi capital, US forces launched 36 Tomahawk missiles and made multiple raids with Stealth bombers during the night, after a joint operation by US/British aircraft targeted 10 Iraqi artillery positions in the southern no-fly zone.
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Cuba - U.S.: Hijack Crisis Resolved
The crisis with the Cuban plane hijacked to the United States on Wednesday has been resolved. The six hijackers surrendered to the U.S. authorities in the Key West international airport (Florida), no-one on board was injured. More details...

Military Operation Against Iraq Began Before Bush Ultimatum Expired
George Bush decided to begin a military operation an hour before the ultimatum expired. An informed source at the US president's administration said this to journalists. According to him, Bush ordered to begin the military operation between 2.30 and 3.00, Moscow time. More details...

USA Insists That Russia should Finance Extra Space Flights to International Space Station
The USA insists that the construction and launching of more spaceships to the international space station should be financed by Russia and promises to compensate for the expenses later, the Russian Aviation and Space Agency informed RIA Novosti on Wednesday. More details...

Washington Started to Recall US Diplomats from Israel, Syria and Kuwait
The US Department of State on Sunday announced the recalling of non-essential diplomats and also all members of their families from the American embassies and consulates in Israel, Syria and Kuwait. In its official information, the Department of State explained that the recall of the diplomats by local security reasons and by the threat of military action in Iraq. More details...

Dollar to Step Down Ahead of Saddam
Is it possible to avoid further dollar devaluation?
Numerous leaks of information and analysis of activities of the US authority are a sufficient basis to forecast further development of the US economic policy. This estimate is extremely important as it will further determine future situation in the world in many respects. After the large-scale collapse dollar devaluation will be not the only problem to be solved; it will also cause breakup of the international futures markets and entail more problems. And there are no guarantees that the Bush administration is ready for these very consequences of its policy
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American Legislators Threaten Russia to Start a "Chicken War"
On Thursday, 140 congressmen and 51 senators sent letters to the White House on behalf of the House of Representatives and the Senate of the US Congress in which they demanded that President George W. Bush should seek annulment of the new import quotas of American meat and poultry which had been introduced by the Russian government. More details...

Consensus on Iraq May Be Reached in UN Security Council
Consensus on the Iraq issue may be found in the UN Security Council already at the beginning of next week, informed diplomatic sources in the UN who wanted to remain unidentified stated late on Thursday night. In their opinion, the USA and Great Britain realise the impossibility to pass the ultimatum-type resolution in the Security Council but are most likely to prefer to act vis--vis Iraq within the bounds of legitimacy provided by the decision of the UN Security Council. More details...

US Ambassador: American People Will Join in St. Petersburg's 300th Anniversary Celebrations
'We are as interested in 'Peter's creation' as we were two hundred years ago,' announced US Ambassador to Russia Alexander Vershbow at a meeting with US Consul in St. Petersburg Morris Hughes yesterday. As Mr Hughes told journalists at the international press centre 300 Years of Saint Petersburg afterwards, the US ambassador believes that the 300th anniversary is an event that will be celebrated not only in Russia but the whole world over. More details...

Washington Puts More Pressure Over Chile and Mexico
US phone diplomacy turns into a hot line, as Bush still looks for support from the two Latin American seats at the UN Security Council
Versions about an affirmative response from Chile and Mexico to the US plans on Iraq spread out as quickly as vanished on Wednesday. Soon after Chilean President Ricardo Lagos confirmed to the press he had had a phone conversation with George W. Bush, the local and international media, mainly CNN, said Washington had secured Chile's support
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Open Letter from Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey to His Excellency President George W. Bush
Mr. President, I address myself to you in your capacity as president of the United States of America and as Honorary Chairman of the People to People International Program, whose motto is Peace Through Understanding.
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US Ambassador to Russia: Washington does Not Seek Control Over Iraqi Oil Fields
Washington does not seek the control over Iraqi oil fields, US Ambassador Alexander Vershbow told RIA Novosti on Thursday. The Ambassador said that the US realised that the Iraqi oil belonged to the Iraqi people, and it should be used to guarantee security and wellbeing of the country. More details...

US: Military Operation in Iraq to Take One Month
The USA believes that military action against Iraq, if need be, will not take more than a month, said an American diplomat in a conversation with Russian journalists in Moscow. The military phase of the ground operation, if it starts, will be conducted on one or two fronts, the Southern and the Northern. More details...

Mother-Bomb to UN's Misfortune
If Americans fail to have a quorum to attach visible legitimacy to a military intrusion in Iraq, they put the question differently
White House spokesman Ari Fleisher said that if the United Nations Organization was inactive and couldnt act as an international organization capable of disarming Saddam Hussein, that would be done by some other organization. He also confirmed that the US president had the right to form an alternative organization or an international coalition that could pass a vote on disarmament of Iraq. The USA held testing of an air bomb weighing about 8.5 tons (21 thousand pounds) on the Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. Sources in the Pentagon say the air bomb is likely to be used in the US-led war campaign in Iraq
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Master to Revive the WTC Site Announced
As it became known, Daniel Libeskind, the architect famous all over the world (has been residing in Berlin within several past years), won a contest for building of the worlds most prestigious ground, the lot where the WTC Towers were destroyed by terrorists on September 11. At the contest, Daniel Libeskind was the best among seven famous architects, the authors of many constructions standing all over the world. When Daniel Libeskind learnt he won the contest for construction of a complex on the site of the 9/11 tragedy, he was happy, shocked and devoid of the gift of speech at the same time More details...

Shock and Awe Splits America
First victims of spread-eagleism: Phil Donahue, George Clooney
The society of average Americans is split: half of the population supports Bushs intention to overthrow Saddam Hussein without UN sanctions, and the rest protest against settlement of the Iraqi crisis by force. And it is hardly likely that the latter sympathize with Saddam: they consider Hussein a dictator and would like democratic changes to be started in Iraq (it means that institutes of the civil society must be created there, free elections are to be introduced, etc.), but they think this must be done in an evolution way. However, the propagandistic mechanism of spread-eagleism has reached its peak in the USA: everybody is speaking only about Iraq in the newspapers, on the radio and on TV, but this is mentioned from a patriotic point of view only. Liberals are not wanted now
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Why Does America Need Second UN Resolution That Much?
Senator Joseph Biden tries to explain that
American Senator, a member of the committee for international relations of the US Senate, Democrat Joseph R. Biden, gave an interview to the newspaper the Washington Post. The article, which was published in the newspaper, was called Why We Need a Second U.N. Resolution. The article is a very good reflection of the tense expectation that Washington experiences on the threshold of the coming Security Council voting regarding the American and British resolution on Iraq
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Senator Richard Lugar Submits Draft Law on Cancellation of Jackson-Vanik Amendment with Respect to Russia
The well-known US Republican Senator, Richard Lugar, who is chairman of the Senate's international affairs committee, submitted for the Senate's consideration a draft law on cancelling the restrictive Jackson-Vanik trade amendment with respect to Russia. Lugar also demands that Russia be given the most favoured nation status in trade with the USA, the status which most countries of the world have. More details...

Russian Foreign Minister Ivanov Arrived in New York for UN Security Session on Iraq
Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov has arrived in New York to participate in a meeting of the UN Security Council on Iraq on Friday. The meeting will be held at the level of foreign ministers of the countries - permanent members of the UN Security Council (Russia, the USA, France, Great Britain and China). More details...

Pentagons Third Eye
Within several past years Washington have been employing not only Delta team professionals for fighting with terrorism and disagreeable regimes, but also extrasensory individuals and clairvoyants
With reference to information confirmed by reliable sources, The Washington Post published the following information a couple of years ago: At least within the period of 1979-1989, special groups of extrasensory individuals and clairvoyants were actually employed by the American military department.
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US May Launch Military Operation Against Iraq in 2 Weeks
The United States may launch a military operation against Iraq in a matter of two weeks, Sergei Rogov, director of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute for US and Canadian Studies, told a news conference hosted by RIA Novosti on Wednesday. More details...

An Open Letter to my good friend, Patrick Buchanan
Dear Pat, There was no one more dedicated than I and my husband, George, in support of your candidacy for President of the United States
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How Much Is Bushs Ambition?
According to the most unfavorable forecasts of western economists, a war against Iraq, including all expenses, may cost the world economy 1.6 trillion dollars
Last week US President George W. Bush reported that the Congress would soon get an official report on budget of a war in Iraq to the sum of 95 billion dollars. The budget includes military operations, clearing of consequences of these operations, protection from probable acts of terrorism and compensations to allies, to Turkey firs of all. Such is the cost of a long war without serious complications, American experts say
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The Secret Philosophy of War in Iraq
The official reasons why the USA should go to war in Iraq have always featured a certain omission. The uncoordinated accusations by no means explain the severity of the sentence. Let's say that Baghdad destroys five Al-Samud-2 rockets on average a day. From the point of view of the UN inspectors working in the country, this zeal is gratifying, but Washington calls it the "latest trap." Why? More details...

Saudi Arabia: USA Deluding Itself Over Iraq
Anyone who thinks he can control Iraq is deluding himself
The United States is deluding itself if it thinks it can control Iraq after a second Gulf war, which it has threatened to launch soon, Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal said on February 26. Prince Saud was addressing a news conference in Jeddah to discuss the looming Iraq war
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USA Steals Iraqs Assets

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Al-Jazeera:American forces acknowledge stiff resistance

Precision weaponry destroys Museum in Baghdad

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