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Mar, 26 2003
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08:54 2003-03-26
The War in Iraq is Definitely not WWIII

It looks like Saddam is not intended to harms Americans

The strange war has been going on for a week already. Numerous messages about battles and bombings are mixed up with news messages about killed British and American soldiers. News programs keep broadcasting the footage of illuminated Baghdad at night.

Saddam Hussein is a long-standing fan of Stalin during the period of the Great Patriotic War. However, the current situation in Iraq is like a parody of the year 1941. It would be ridiculous to compare George W. Bush to Hitler. The only thing that Saddam has in common with Joseph Stalin is the moustache.

In the beginning of the war, everyone was surprised with the instruction regarding the careful attitude to Iraqi captives. American soldiers have that instruction, although there are nearly no Iraqi captives. It seems that the Iraqi army stands very firm and is not going to give up to the enemy. However, the enemy is 110 kilometers far from Baghdad. No settlement has been seized. There is an impression that the allied army avoids any battle. However, the results of those battles show that the Iraqi army avoids direct battles too. This reminds the way Russian troops entered the plain Chechen territory: a gunshot could hardly be heard.

The USA already has a reason to celebrate something from the economic point of view: indexes go up, oil prices go down. No one doubts that the USA and Great Britain are a lot stronger than Iraq from the military point of view. It seems that the haggling process has been going on for the whole week. The fact that this war is very unpopular in the West is also a relevant issue in the haggling process. The USA has recently reproached Russia of illegal deliveries of arms to Iraq. By the way, the Russian interest in Iraq is evaluated in the sum eight billion dollars of the Iraqi debt.

The storm of the town of Umm Qasr, which is located 700 meters off the border on Kuwait is a good example to give. The US forces can not seize it, no matter how hard they might try. A small Soviet military unit managed to defend a railway station in the city of Brest during WWII. Brest was like a gateway to the East. Umm Qasr is a port. One can not level the city with artillery shells, for there will be no point of seizing the town then.

However, the intensity of Iraqi battles does not remind the battles of WWII. Stalins soldiers did the utmost to defend Soviet ports of Murmansk, Sevastopol, Novorossiysk, Odessa, Leningrad. It is possible to suppose that Saddam Husseins army allows the USA and Great Britain to speared communications deliberately in order to conduct the guerrilla warfare afterwards. However, communications have been already spread. Allied troops have lost very few pieces of their ordnance, although it seems that certain armoured vehicles were made in order to be hit by grenade launchers. Shahids, suicidal bombers, have vanished somewhere, although they have been so widely advertised recently. Bridges across the Euphrates river have not been blown up for some reason. There is an impression that Saddam Hussein is not interested in causing damage to the living force of his enemy.

The war is on. Two Apache choppers have been downed strictly in accordance with WWII rules from any kinds of weapons, including double-barrel guns. Three planes have been downed, one of them was shot with an own missile: a very small result for the ABM of the country. Looks like Milosevics Yugoslavia. The war is on, and it is absolutely real for those people, who take a direct part in it. There is bloodshed and death. Pieces of information that leak from the Russian radio reconnaissance service testify to the battle tension: The US command was forced to suspend the offensive on an-Najaf after yesterdays tank counter-attack of the Iraqi army. Iraqi troops took their positions on the eastern part of an-Nasiriya, across the Euphrates river. Iraq lost up to 20 tanks, two artillery batteries, and about 100 soldiers during one day of battles in the area. The US forces had ten tanks and armoured vehicles destroyed and 15 soldiers killed.

There are no doubts that it is a war, although it can not be compared either to WWII, or to the Korean, or to the Chechen war. It does not look like WWIII at all.

Anatoly Baranov

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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The War in Iraq is Definitely not WWIII
It looks like Saddam is not intended to harms Americans
The strange war has been going on for a week already. Numerous messages about battles and bombings are mixed up with news messages about killed British and American soldiers. News programs keep broadcasting the footage of illuminated Baghdad at night.
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Basra Resistance Still Strong
51st division of the Iraqi army launched the counter-offensive
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An Affront to the Laws of Humanity
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Iraq Not to Use Chemical Weapons When Defending Baghdad?
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10 Americans Killed in an-Nasiriyya
Iraqi television reported that the Apache chopper was brought down near the city of Karbala
New air raids as Iraq downs two US Apache helicopters. Iraqi television today showed pictures of an American Apache military helicopter shot down south of the capital, Baghdad. The black aircraft could be seen still loaded with guided missiles bearing American markings. Iraqi television reported that the chopper was brought down near the city of Karbala, 110km south west of the capital, Baghdad
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U.S. Aviation Continues to Strike at Basra's Residential Areas Using Cassette Bombs
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Main Objective of War New Weapon Tests
This is the top-priority objective for America, all the rest are minor objectives or undisguised misinformation in fact
Reserve Major-General, Professor Vladimir Slipchenko, military analyst, doctor of military science is Russias first-rate specialist on wars of tomorrow. His forecasts concerning USs military operations in Iraq (1991, 1996 and 1998), in Yugoslavia (1999) and Afghanistan (2001) proved to be almost 100% true, and that was proved by the actual course of the operations. Now the analyst gives forecasts concerning further development and result of the US-led war in Iraq
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Iraq May Attack Israel
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Bushs Casus
Casus belli, a reason for war against Hussein was very simple for Bush, very much like his political program. It supposes that America is good and Iraq is bad, and what is more important, Iraq has got weapons of mass destruction
The path of war is hard and dangerous, as the enemy has much weapon, and this is not ordinary weapon but weapons of mass destruction. However, the war is underway but nobody hasnt yet used this weapon against American troops. On the contrary, Iraqi troops display heroism and contain the enemy with ordinary shooting weapons
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US blames its setbacks on outdated Russian weapons
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Russia denies sale of weapons, military equipment to Iraq
Sergei Yastrzhembsky, aide to the Russian President, denied allegations about Russia's sale to Iraq of anti-tank missiles, night vision weaponsights, and radio electronic appliances for intercepting bombs and missiles. More details...

Putin, Bush discuss reliff efforts in Iraq
In a telephone conversation Monday with his U.S. counterpart, George W. Bush, President Vladimir Putin of Russia underscored the necessity of averting the humanitarian disaster that the military action in the Gulf was likely to entail, the Kremlin press service reports. More details...

Assault on Baghdad Defeated by Sandstorm
Advanced forces of the US-led coalition in Iraq have had to delay an attack on Baghdad due to a sandstorm. Arab journalists report that US Marines were unable to cover the required distance due to almost zero visibility. More details...

Russia Rejects Illegal Arms Deliveries to Iraq
Senior officials of the country say that it was out of the question
We have already reported that Washington presented an official protest to the Russian Federation. The protest was based on the allegation of illegal deliveries of arms to Iraq. As American officials said, two Russian companies allegedly delivered anti-tank missiles, night vision devices and radio interception equipment to Iraq
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Will American Administration Declare War on Russia?
US officials think that Russia is guilty of their unsuccessful war
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Iraq Accuses US and Britain of 'War Crimes'
The Iraqi government has called on the UN to devote its attention to the actions of the 'American and British criminals' in Iraq. A high-ranking representative of the Iraqi cabinet today accused the US-led coalition forces of mainly bombing civilian targets, including bridges, dams, residential areas, and oil storage facilities. More details...

Coalition Bombing Raids Kill 62 Civilians in Iraq
Around 62 civilians were killed during last night's coalition bombing raids over Iraq, according to Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf. The minister, who gave a press conference today in Baghdad, said that last night the US-led coalition subjected Baghdad to the most extensive missile and bomb strikes since military action began. More details...

Iraq Promises to Treat Prisoners Humanely
Iraq will observe all the principles on treating prisoners of war set out in the Geneva Convention, according to a high-ranking official from the Iraqi Defence Ministry. The official said that Iraq is a civilised nation that treats everyone humanely, including prisoners of war. More details...

Saddam Hussein Calles on Arabs and Muslims to Wage War against US and Great Britain
Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has today made a televised address to the nation. According to Rosbalt's correspondent, the Iraqi leader called on all Arabs and Muslims to wage war against the US and British aggressors. More details...

Iraqi Ambassador to Moscow Refutes Reports on Discovering Chemical Production Plant in Southern Iraq
Iraqi ambassador to Moscow Abbas Khalaf refuted reports of western mass media that the chemical weapons production plant was discovered in southern Iraq. Khalaf said in an interview with RIA Novosti on Monday that these statements were a lie and that the Americans had been lying since the first day of the war. More details...

Iraq Claims US and Britain Dropped Cluster Bombs on Basra
The Iraqi Information Ministry claims that US and British warplanes dropped cluster bombs on the Iraqi city of Basra during raids yesterday. Basra is the second largest town in Iraq. Iraq claims that 77 civilians died in the city and over 500 received wounds of various degrees of severity. More details...

US Planes Destroy Iraqi Republican Guard Barracks
US warplanes last night launched a massive missile attack on Iraq Republican Guard barracks 100 kilometres from Baghdad, according to a report from the Egyptian news agency MENA. According to the Egyptian news agency, the Republican Guard units, many of which form part of Saddam Hussein's personal guard, suffered heavy losses. The report was confirmed by the US command. More details...

Besieged Basra Suffering from Water Shortage
The town of Basra, which is the second largest in Iraq, is suffering from a catastrophic shortage of water. This announcement was made today in Baghdad by representatives of the Iraqi government. According to official sources, the city's main water supplies were destroyed during yesterday's bombardment by US and British warplanes. More details...

Iraq Broadcasts Video Footage of Victories over US Forces
Iraq has broadcast video footage of victories by the Iraqi army around the town of Nasiriyah in the south of the country. Iraqi Vice President Taha Yasin Ramadan announced that during the battle for Nasiriyah on Saturday 'many American soldiers' were taken prisoner. More details...

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The War in Iraq is Definitely not WWIII

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