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Mar, 22 2003
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01:37 2003-03-22

Donald Rumsfeld, the US Defence Secretary, gloated tonight while Baghdad was subjected to a terrifying 3 hours of massive bombardment by aircraft and cruise missiles.

Donald Rumsfeld rejoiced with the knowledge that his shock and awe campaign had been a success. In a terrorist attack of horrendous proportions, hundreds of targets have been razed in the city, bearing witness to Rumsfelds claims that the US/UK forces would unleash an attack of unprecedented force and scale as he banged his fist theatrically on the dais in the Pentagon.

Speaking of targets, Rumsfeld, like his master George Bush, proves that he has the same lizard-like cold blood as he showed to the world that he too has no regard whatsoever for the value of human life.

As Rumsfeld gloats, fires rage out of control in Baghdad. The explosions from the ordnance are so powerful that journalists hundreds of metres away from the blasts cower under tables as glass is showered around them and red mushroom clouds rise up high into the sky. Fire crews are unable to put out the raging fires because they risk being bombed by the incessant attacks.

The claims that only military installations are being targeted mean nothing, since civilians have been seen hurrying home in the middle of the Armageddon that Rumsfelds legions of evil have brought to the citizens of Baghdad.

How Rumsfeld can claim that the destruction of his targets has been a success while women and children lie screaming, butchered by flying shrapnel and shards of glass, while journalists are speaking of high numbers of collateral damage speaks volumes about the mindset of this sinister, evil, cold-blooded, murderous terrorist who has done to the civilians of Baghdad exactly the same as what Osama bin Laden did to New York.

Rumsfeld is a terrorist, a murderer and a war criminal.


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Rumsfeld gloats while Baghdad is subjected to living hell
Donald Rumsfeld, the US Defence Secretary, gloated tonight while Baghdad was subjected to a terrifying 3 hours of massive bombardment by aircraft and cruise missiles.
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On Rights and Responsibilities in the Modern World
On USs right to use military force
In accordance with the Constitution, the USA can use military force only for self-protection. The right of making decisions on usage of military force is distributed between the legislative and executive authorities. According to the international law, leaders of countries can make decisions on usage of military force only if they think the country is under some real threat. President Bush is sure that Saddam Hussein is a threat of this kind. This is what Christopher A. Preble from the Cato Institutes Policy Analysis Department says
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Palestinian Leaders: War in Iraq to Affect Peace Process
The Palestinian leaders have expressed their anxiety that the war in Iraq may affect the Middle East peace process, said Palestine's extraordinary and plenipotentiary representative to Moscow Hairi al-Oridi at a press conference in RIA Novosti on Friday. More details...

Islamic Leaders and Arab Countries' Theologians Support Referendum in Chechnya
Supreme muftis of the Arab countries as well as theologians and leaders of Islamic religious organisations support the referendum in Chechnya. Supreme muftis and respectable theologians of Egypt, Libya, Syria, Morocco, Iran, Turkey and leaders of Islamic movements and organisations have made encouragement statements. More details...

Collective Security Treaty Members Urge for Peaceful Track for Iraqi Problem
Participants in the sixth session of the Committee of the Secretaries of the Security Councils of the member countries of the Collective Security Treaty have called for bringing the Iraqi problem back into a peaceful channel. More details...

Bulgarian President Does Not Support War in Iraq
On Thursday, while speaking to deputies of the People's Assembly (parliament of the country), Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov spoke against the war in Iraq. According to Parvanov, "military operations are unacceptable in the 21st century when global problems and challenges facing the mankind request unification and not separation or confrontation between countries and peoples." More details...

Annan Makes Statement on Iraq
The United Nations is willing to provide all the necessary humanitarian aid to the Iraqi population, Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General, says in an urgent statement. He regrets war has come to Iraq for a third time within the last 25 years despite international efforts to prevent it. More details...

Confucius Descendant Condemns Aggression
China Foreign Ministry spokesman makes a statement
China strongly calls for immediate stop of military actions against Iraq, return to track of political solution to Iraq issue, Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said at the press conference Thursday. The name of Quan is infrequent in China; people with the name are considered descendants of great K'ung-fu-tzu (Confucius). Indeed, todays speech of the diplomat was permeated with wisdom of great K'ung-fu-tzu who, two thousand years before Columbus discovered America, condemned violence and willfulness
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The Vatican Concerned Over Iraqi Bombardment
The Vatican is deeply concerned over the military operation against Iraq, the press service of the Holy See said. Cardinal Pio Laghi who had conducted a meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush and handed him the Pope's address several weeks before described Iraqi bombardment as "a tragedy and catastrophe." More details...

Bomb Found at US Embassy in Berlin Was Fake
Berlin police received a phone call from an anonymous person this morning, claiming that a bomb had been planted in a box near the US embassy. However, analysis of the box, partly burnt by the robotic flame thrower of the Berlin police, has revealed that there was not actually any explosive device in the box at all. More details...

Hanoi Sharply Denounces Military Operations of US, UK in Iraq
The government of Vietnam resolutely condemns the military operations of the United States and Great Britain in Iraq. The official spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Phan Thuy Thanh, spoke about it on March 20. More details...

Blair Sends British Troops to War in Iraq
British Prime Minister Tony Blair has authorised the British troops to join US military operations in Iraq, spokesman for the British Prime Minister told RIA Novosti on Thursday. According to him, Blair made the move at night on receiving the news about the first US strikes on Iraq. More details...

German Government Expresses "Great Concern" over Launch of Military Action in Iraq
The German government has issued a statement regarding the start of military action in Iraq. The press release of the German Cabinet reads that reports about the launch of a military operation "provoked great concern in the German government." More details...

China Urges USA to Stop War in Iraq
The Chinese foreign ministry has urged the USA to immediately stop military action in Iraq and return to peaceful means of settling the Iraqi issue, Kong Quan, an official foreign ministry spokesman, told a briefing in Beijing. More details...

Israel Expecting Iraqi Missile Strikes
The Wednesday night was very nervous for Israelis who were expecting Iraqi missile strikes. Many people stayed up until morning watching television to know all details of the American operation in Iraq and, more importantly, not to miss possible instructions of the Homefront Command (civil defence) on individual protection measures. More details...

Attempt Made to Blow up US Embassy in Berlin
An explosive device was found and destroyed by a special division of the Berlin police at the US embassy in the German capital this morning. As a Rosbalt correspondent was told by police headquarters in Berlin, there was an anonymous phone call at about 4:00 local time warning that a bomb had been planted close to the US embassy. More details...

Malaysia Condemns War Against Iraq
Malaysia, the country that chairs the Non-Aligned Movement /NAM/, which unites 116 countries, has harshly condemned the US-led war against Iraq. More details...

Israel and Argentina Blame on Iran on 1990's Blasts in Buenos Aires
Hezbollah and Teheran, in turn, said had no participation in the terrorist attacks to Jewish targets in Argentina's Capital
The Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" said that Mossad, the local intelligence service, had identified the author of the suicide attack against a Jewish club in Buenos Aires in 1994. The responsible for the 85 deaths would be Ibrahim Hassen Baro, member of the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. The newspaper also states that Hezbollah planned the attack during a secret meeting with the Iranian Government.
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Cuba Says US Diplomats in the Island are Provocateurs
Castro's Government restricted US diplomats' movements within the country and announced the arrest of conspirators.
Cuban authorities launched a diplomatic offensive against the US interest Section office in Havana. In a TV statement, local authorities accused the head of the US diplomatic mission in the island, James Carson, on "repeated fomentation of internal counterrevolution". Therefore, ordered to limit Carson and other diplomats' activities to the same measures taken against the Cuban mission in Washington.
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Bush the Bully and Tory Blair
Two warmongers, two war criminals
George W. Bush and Tony Blair are about to commit the mistake of the millennium, namely launching an illegal attack against a sovereign nation against international law, against the consensus of public opinion and without any reason other than the fact that they misjudged the international climate of public opinion, went too far and were unable to turn back.
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Brute Force Applied on Iraq to Result in More Impudence
The use of "brute force" in Iraq will bring about "only much more impudence," nothing more, the official spokesman for the Iranian government, Abdollah Ramazanzade, told reporters, commenting on the intentions of the United States to start a military operation in the region. More details...

US and British Commanders to Fix Exact Hour of Bombings
Tommy Franks and Bryan Berring, Commanders of Forces deployed in the Persian Gulf, will fix the exact hour of bombings, RIA Novosti learned from a military source at a command post of the coalition forces in the zone of the future conflict. More details...

Russia, France, Germany, China to Confirm Their Position on Iraq
Russia, France, Germany and China intend to confirm their position on the peaceful settlement of the Iraqi problem at the Wednesday session of the United Nations Security Council in New York. According to RIA Novosti, the session will be preceded by a meeting of foreign ministers from Russia, France and Germany. There will also be a Chinese representative, though of what level is not yet known. More details...

Venezuela Key Factor to Keep Oil Prices Stable
On the verge of an armed conflict in Middle East, the South American country will play a decisive role to stabilize the oil market
Venezuela, the fifth largest world's oil exporter, will play a strategic role if finally Washington decides to attack Iraq. The South American nation is now prepared to pump over its official quota, after general strike cracked one month ago.
More details...

Three British Ministers Resigned from Blairs Government
63% of British people stand for peace
The crisis in Downing Street did not start just yesterday, when the three ministers resigned one after another. Claire Short, the International Development Secretary of the British government, became the first sign of the crisis. Claire Short stated on Sunday that she would resign from the government, if Great Britain was going to launch the military campaign against Iraq without the UNs approval
More details...

The Americas: A Whole Continent against the War
From Canada to Chile, Governments along the Hemisphere isolated Bush bellicose approach to Iraq
After yesterday's speech, Bush found the strongest opposition to his plans for Middle East from his closer neighbors. The most relevant hemispheric governments said that they would not support US military adventure in Iraq and that they would have preferred a UN supported peaceful approach to this conflict.
More details...

The Ultimatum of Arrogance
Arrogance, bullying, blackmail, demagogy, despotism and criminal warmongering are the vocabulary in the diplomatic dictionary used by Washington
The ultimatum delivered by President George W. Bush to President Saddam Hussein of Iraq is an incredible act of arrogance which only this administration would dare to commit.
More details...

NASA: No Single Version of Columbia Shuttle Tragedy in Place Yet
The independent commission of Admiral Geman, looking into what caused the catastrophe of the Columbia shuttle spaceship, has not yet shaped an single version. Sergei Puzanov, public relations coordinator at the NASA office in the Russian Mission Control Center, said this on Tuesday. More details...

Iraqi Foreign Minister: American Soldiers Captured in Iraq to Be Burnt or Beheaded
Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has no intention of carrying out the demands made by US President George Bush in his recent ultimatum. As a Rosbalt correspondent reports, this was announced by Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri at a press conference in Baghdad today. More details...

Official Paris Criticises US President's Ultimatum to Iraq
The official Paris has criticised US President George Bush's ultimatum to Iraq. The communique circulated by the Elysee Palace's press service on Tuesday characterises this ultimatum as a unilateral decision taken against the will of the UN Security Council and the international community favouring Iraq's further disarmament in compliance with Resolution 1441. More details...

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