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Apr, 04 2003
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00:52 2003-04-04
Iraq: A Simplistic View for Simpletons

For George Bush, or so it would seem, the war in Iraq could not be more simple. If Saddam Hussein-s Ba-ath regime is not in favour of the USA (gaining control of his country-s mineral resources by proxy and establishing a strategic stronghold in the region) then it against Washington and therefore must be eliminated as a threat to national security. This is the simplistic view, for simpletons.

In practice, it gets more complicated. For the Iraqi regime to be eliminated, it is necessary to find a pretext. There weren-t any. Therefore it was necessary to invent one, and they did. First there was Powell-s ?hard evidence that Iraq had WMD (based on the infamous British intelligence report, copied from a 12-year-old text) and then it was the forged documents presented to the UNO, claiming that Niger had exported yellowcake uranium to Iraq illegally, dismissed by Mohamed El-Baradei as forgeries.

On the diplomatic front, the UN Security Council made it clear that it would not support a motion for war due to the lack of pretexts. Hard as they tried, they were not able to find a link between the Iraqi regime and international terrorism, except some obscure groups in Northern Iraq way out of Saddam Hussein-s reach and well within the no-fly zones policed by the USA.

An intelligent decision would have been to realise that there was neither a pretext for war, nor was the moment right for a coup de theatre on the diplomatic stage. However, when people of the calibre of Bush and Rumsfeld are involved, an intelligent decision is not usually forthcoming and in this case, the worst possible course of action was taken.

The USA is committing war crimes in Iraq, the USA is committing acts of murder, the UDSAF is bombing hospitals, killing children, killing civilians while thousands of Iraqis are struggling to enter the country to fight the aggressors.

The American forces are not liberators, they are invaders. If Bush does not respect a democratic forum of law, he acts like a dictator and if his armed forces commit acts of murder in an illegal conflict, then Bush, as Commander-in-Chief of these forces is a war criminal, Bush is a murderer. This is not a question of opinion v it is fact, based upon the principles of international law.

Seen from Bush-s simplistic viewpoint, if he and his administration are not with the principles of international law, they must be against them, as such being a threat to the national security of every nation on earth. If the Bush administration do not use the proper channels of debate, they behave like dictators, as they accuse Saddam Hussein of doing. If Saddam Hussein has sent people to their deaths, so has George Bush, as governor of Texas.

If Iraqi TV shows pictures of American prisoners of war, so does CNN show Iraqi p-o-w-s. If Bush complains that Iraqi soldiers masquerade as civilians, so do CIA operationals working undercover. Neither side is going to sport a target, fix an arrow over their heads with a sign ?Look! I-m a danger man! Shoot me!

In Bush-s simplistic view, the French Resistance were terrorists, fighting against Hitler-s evil fascist forces, Stalin-s scorched earth policy was cowardice.

When a people fights a war to defend their country against aggression, they stand together, they fight with whatever means they have. They are being invaded and in this case, the aggression is illegal.

Bush, the simpleton, is an insult to humanity, an insult to his people and an insult to world history, which will judge him, along with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Blair, Straw and Hoon as war criminals who tried to destroy the authority of the UNO as a legal forum, disregarded the fundamental principles of diplomacy and flouted international law in an illegal and murderous campaign.

All of the worst fears shared by many about the intentions of the Bush administration were, after all, wholly and very well founded. The Bush administration in its simplistic, criminal and murderous approach to crisis management, has ensured that the USA will be at least regarded with distaste and mistrust in future by the rest of the world, and at worst with bitter hatred, contempt and thirst for revenge.

What is the difference between the murder of an Iraqi by an American pilot or the murder of an American by a fundamentalist? Curiously, before this war was launched, there was no link between Baghdad and Islamic fundamentalism. The Bush administration-s simplistic approach has forged the missing link. Now the American people will face the consequences.


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Iraq: A Simplistic View for Simpletons
Bush-s black-and-white vision of carrot-and-stick diplomacy
For George Bush, or so it would seem, the war in Iraq could not be more simple. If Saddam Hussein-s Ba-ath regime is not in favour of the USA (gaining control of his country-s mineral resources by proxy and establishing a strategic stronghold in the region) then it against Washington and therefore must be eliminated as a threat to national security. This is the simplistic view, for simpletons.
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USA and UK lied to UNO
Falsification of documents to add to war crimes and murder
The list of crimes committed by the United States of America and the United Kingdom does not cease to grow. Before the criminal attack against Iraq, a sovereign nation and member of the UNO, in which war crimes and murder are being committed on a daily basis, these two countries had desperately tried to create a causus belli where none existed.
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US planes strafe 2 passenger buses
Foreign human shields murdered by US Air Force as 9 children are butchered by USAF in Baghdad
Two passenger buses have been strafed this morning by US warplanes at Rutba, on the Iraqi-Jordanian border, according to the Iraqi Ministry of Information.
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Cold-Blooded Murderers
US troops open fire on civilian car, murdering 7 Iraqi women and children
Another horrifying war crime was committed by US troops yesterday who opened fire on a car at a checkpoint in Najaf. The soldiers claimed they shot the women and children as a last resort.
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Non-Combat Losses Break Records
49% of American soldiers were killed by their co-servicemen during the First Gulf War in 1991. This time the sad ?record can be even broken
The battle in Iraq continues, and to all appearances, it-s going to be even more severe, which in its turn will entail more losses on both parties of the conflict. But as it-s stipulated by the realities of a propaganda war, neither Iraq nor the US/UK coalition command will report the exact figure of losses. Especially because the allied troops are already in a great mess they have made themselves.
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Donald Runs out of Steam
The Alzheimer Approach to crisis management, when Pentagon Politicians interfere in Military Matters
It is the soldier-s worst nightmare: Civvy Street interfering in matters which belong to the military, to those who know best, to those who know where they are sending their men and what they are sending them into. The war in Iraq has the hallmark of a politician-s war, a war which has been ordered by the White House and its man in the Pentagon, Donald Rumsfeld, imposed on the Armed Forces and steam-rollered into action.
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US precision weaponry murders civilians in Baghdad
International TV crews have shown horrific footage of civilian areas destroyed by Donald Rumsfeld-s precision weaponry in Baghdad.
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The Dynamic Duo
Bush and Blair don-t despair, destroy it first and then repair
George W. Bush and Tony Blair are confident men. Their lightning plan to defeat the ?Saddam regime has failed, the advance on Baghdad is going ahead at a snail-s pace, hundreds of civilians have been murdered by their joint forces and the growing climate of horror at their actions around the world reaches a deafening clamour for them to stop. Blinded by their arrogance, they continue as if nothing was happening.
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Bush's trap for UN
The UN Security Council's open session-an unprecedented event for that body-may serve as the starting point not just for Iraq's post-Saddam era, but also for a new age in the history of the United Nations. It is unclear, however, whether the UN will remain an able-bodied organization or a handicapped one. More details...

Resignation of US "Hawk" Exposes Iraqi War as Pursuing Commercial Gain
Washington did not expect such a shameful setback. At the height of the most righteous war for a liberated and democratic Iraq, its main proponent was caught out in a corruption scandal. The person who resigned "over a conflict of business interests" was none other than Richard Pearle, head of the Pentagon's defence policy commission. More details...

Le Figaro: Coalition Troops Have Committed Hitler-s Mistake
Tactical errors the allied troops committed in the first days of the war impede attack on Baghdad
As France-s influential newspaper Le Figaro reported Thursday, excessive extension of the US/UK troops on the territory of Iraq is their main problem. The US troops have rushed toward the Iraqi capital and now they are extended for hundreds of kilometers on the territory of the country. Under these conditions, centers of resistance may emerge at the rear of the attacking troops
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Law of US Power to Dominate World Politics
It-s obvious as well that the US army cannot retreat and will carry the war through irrespective of antiwar protests all over the world
A regular session of the War Experts Collegium took place in Moscow-s House of the Russian Press. The problem on the agenda was how the world would change after the war in Iraq. The Collegium reached a conclusion that when the US/UK war broke out in Iraq contrary to the will of the world community, the world organization started changing for the order when the international law will be replaced with US-s law of power. Before the war in Iraq the Pentagon schemed that the operations would last 1-2 weeks. The ground operation sharply deviated from the US scenario: the war was suddenly delayed because of unexpectedly stiff resistance
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Did American Companies Supply Weapons to Saddam?
It's time for the USA impose sanctions on US weapon producers
The USA is still blaming Russia for illegal weapons supplies to Iraq. US Ambassador to Russia Alexander Vershbow declared that economic sanctions would be imposed on companies and enterprises supplying weapons to Iraq. However, as a special reporter of GAZETA found out after he read a secret report of the US Department of State, the USA must apply sanctions to its own defense establishments. It was the USA that supplied weapons and special military technique to the countries which George W. Bush-s administration later referred to the ?axis of evil. And these very devices let Iraq deflect bombs and missiles away from military objects, and which causes much harm to the Iraqi civil population. As PRAVDA.Ru earlier reported, it is not ruled out that European and American companies supplied war technologies to Iraq. Now this supposition is confirmed
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Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov: U.S. should provide Russia with all information on space Shuttle Columbia crash
The United States should update Russia on how investigation into the crash of the Columbia space shuttle proceeds, Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov has said in a Novosti interview on Thursday. More details...

What Is Really Happening in Iraq?
The truth behind this criminal attack on Iraq is exposed
What is really happening in Iraq?
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Donald s ?Dunno
Donald Rumsfeld does not know how long the war in Iraq will last
After the initial gloating as US armoured vehicles raced across the desert, covering vast distances in a few hours, after the initial maps were produced, complete with arrows pointing deep into Iraq, after the initial euphoria that the lightning ?shock and awe campaign would brush Saddam Hussein from power as his people rose up against him, welcoming the liberating Anglo-American force with open arms, the situation is quite different from what we were told to expect.
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Bush-Blair Military Council
It is common knowledge that US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair telephone each other every day. Therefore, there must be some singularly paramount reason for the two leaders to seek a personal meeting on Wednesday and Thursday in the Camp David country retreat, the American president's residence in Maryland, US. More details...

US missile hits packed Baghdad market
Precision weaponry, no victims, respect for civilians-so much was promised before this illegal attack on a sovereign nation outside the auspices of the UNO. Today there were more horrifying scenes in Baghdad as a packed market-place was hit by a missile reportedly launched by US armed forces.
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Washington Owns up to Problems in Iraq
Washington has admitted that the Anglo-American forces in Iraq have come up against "a few problems." On Tuesday, US Secretary of State Colin Powell said during an interview with the French television channel TV-3 that there would be successes and setbacks in the course of operations against individual units, irregular forces and gangs of fighters from the Fedayin Iraq organisation. More details...

Colin Powell: Coalition Troops Control Almost Entire Territory of Iraq
US State Secretary Colin Powell declared that the US-British troops control almost the entire territory of Iraq with the exception of the zone around Baghdad. He said this on Tuesday in an interview with the French TV-3 television company. The shorthand record of this interview was circulated in Washington by the US State Department. More details...

Pentagon Propaganda Machine Fails When War Does Not Go According to Plan
The hesitation over the ground offensive in Iraq has unexpectedly shown the world that the American army is not only ill prepared to fight effectively against stubborn enemies unwilling to surrender. It has also demonstrated the inability of Pentagon propagandists to redirect their work quickly in light of changes in the military and information situation. More details...

Bush Plan to Assassinate Saddam Illegal
Bush guilty of attempted murder under US and international law
Executive Order 12333 signed in 1976 by President Ford has not been revoked, meaning that the attempted murder of President Saddam Hussein by US military forces is illegal under US law. The Fourth Convention of The Hague stipulates that such actions violate international law. President George W. Bush is guilty of the crime of attempted murder.
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Bush-s Casus
Casus belli, a reason for war against Hussein was very simple for Bush, very much like his political program. It supposes that America is good and Iraq is bad, and what is more important, Iraq has got weapons of mass destruction
The path of war is hard and dangerous, as the enemy has much weapon, and this is not ordinary weapon but weapons of mass destruction. However, the war is underway but nobody hasn-t yet used this weapon against American troops. On the contrary, Iraqi troops display heroism and contain the enemy with ordinary shooting weapons
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Coalition Forces Kill 62 Iraqi Civilians
62 dead and around 400 injured in last 24 hours
The Iraqi Information Ministry claims that there are many children among the 400 civilians injured during strikes by US and British aircraft, 194 of these being in Baghdad.
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USA Can Fabricate "Finding" of Mass Destruction Weapons in Iraq
The United States can fabricate "finding" of mass destruction weapons in Iraq or "evidence" of Baghdad possessing prohibited weapon programmes, a Russian military expert, who decided to remain anonymous, told RIA Novosti. More details...

Precision Weapons Hit Bus 100 Miles Inside Syria
5 murdered by US precision weaponry
The Pentagon-s precision weaponry has once again proved to be as reliable as a sieve on the high seas. As two cruise missiles landed in Turkey, fortunately causing no victims, a third missile flew 100 miles inside Syria, striking a bus. Five people are reported dead and ten injured, according to local sources quoted by western news agencies.
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American Command Regards as Premature the Report on Discovering Chemical Weapons Production Plant in Iraq
The Central Command (CENTCOM) of the US armed forces did not confirm the reports that a plant for the production of chemical weapons was discovered in the town of an-Najaf in southern Iraq. A representative of the advanced CENTCOM headquarters in Qatar declared they had no information to confirm or refute these reports. More details...

Basra: 77 civilians butchered
Terrorist attack by coalition aircraft butchers 77 civilians
Western news agencies have quoted Iraqi sources, claiming that the result of the sustained bombardment on Iraq-s second city, Basra, is 77 civilians.
More details...

USA Steals Iraq-s Assets
Thieving, terrorism, murder-how much lower can the Bush administration sink?
The Bush administration and its allies have added thievery to its growing list of criminal actions after three days of terrorist and murderous activities in Iraq have left hundreds of civilians injured and at least five dead. These are war crimes. Bush, Rumsfeld, Blair, Hoon and their administrations are terrorists, murderers and war criminals.
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Oscar in Time of Plague
The 75th Oscar award ceremony will take place on Sunday, but it is going to be one of the saddest and one of the most shameful ceremonies ever held in the history of the Academy
America is a strange country: when astronauts die, a national mourning is declared in the country, but when ordinary soldiers lose their lives, presentation of Oscars is held there. The USA doesn-t care about Iraqi and Iranian soldiers and civilians, but at the same time many American soldiers are and will be dying at the war as well. And it is not ruled out that some of them will fall victims right at the moment when the Academy plans to distribute Oscar awards. Academy insiders and organizers of the award ceremony laugh at all rumors saying that the ceremony will be postponed because of the Iraqi war
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Iraq: A Simplistic View for Simpletons

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