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Mar, 25 2003
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21:03 2003-03-25
Europe Might Split over Iraq

Germany and France keep silent

A lot of things have been said and written about the fact that the war in Iraq will ruin the system of international relations completely. Although, it seems that the discussion is not over yet. There are so many subjects to talk about. Some people say that the USA will rule the world single-handedly. Some people object that by saying that China will not allow that, others bring up Russias influence, or mention something about Europe. European countries have a very strong opposition against Americas actions in Iraq. The Western press keeps writing about the split, which is about to occur on the European continent. According to Western journalists opinion, the united Europe will split into France, Germany in one group and England, Italy and Spain in another group. The United States will play the leading role in the second group. As soon as it goes about Europe, it would be reasonable to try to find out, if the European discrepancy is really that serious.

It looks like so at first sight indeed. Until recently, France and Germany have been strongly against the war in Iraq, which resulted in a serious quarrel with Washington. That was also a quarrel with London, Rome, Madrid, Spain. However, the situation became somewhat different after the war was virtually launched.

It is hard to explain that, but neither French nor German officials released any statements after the beginning of the army operation in Iraq. It seems that the two countries decided not to ask for trouble, for they thought that the war would not last long. Did they think that it would be better not to have any other conflicts with the White House? It is not ruled out that both France and Germany decided that they set out their stand completely, so they had nothing else to add.

It goes without saying that anti-war activities are still very strong in the two countries. It is also very strong in the countries of the anti-Iraqi coalition too. However, important decisions are always made in quiet governmental offices, not somewhere outside in huge crowd of protesters. This is common for every country, for the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany. To all appearances, French and German officials decided to have a break and think everything through.

There are not any doubts that the USA will achieve its goal sooner or later (or it will pretend so, at least). That will be the time, when the States will get even with Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schroeder. Of course, France and Germany are very influential in the European Union. However, neither London, nor Rome and Madrid like that influence. It will not be hard for them to isolate the union of France and Germany with the USAs support. It will not be a hardship at all.

It goes without saying that such a perspective is not good either for Chirac, or for Schroeder. The French president has a long experience of Charle de Gaulles opposition, so Paris will most likely exercise its independence for a certain period of time. However, Gerhard Schroeder is not likely to do that. In contrast to Chirac, who enjoys the support of major political parties of France, the German leader can only boast of the leftist support. The right forces of Germany have always had a positive attitude to Washingtons plans to overthrow Saddam Husseins regime. For the time being, the majority of German electors support the incumbent chancellor. On the other hand, if the USA manages to finish the war quickly and victoriously, sentiments might change.

It is too early to talk about the split in the European Union. Of course, several European countries will keep on trying to play a more active role in the international politics. It is not known, what is going to happen as a result of that. Everything might change, if the war in Iraq lasts longer than it is expected. Time is not good for the American administration in this respect.

Vasily Bubnov

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Europe Might Split over Iraq
Germany and France keep silent
The Western press keeps writing about the split, which is about to occur on the European continent. According to Western journalists opinion, the united Europe will split into France, Germany in one group and England, Italy and Spain in another group. The United States will play the leading role in the second group. As soon as it goes about Europe, it would be reasonable to try to find out, if the European discrepancy is really that serious
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Boris Berezovsky Arrested in London
A lot of strange things might happen in the world during the war in Iraq
It is amazing, how the world changes as soon as military actions start in a country that is rich with natural resources. A short time ago, Russian experts doubted that that Chechen terrorist Akhmed Zakayev would face the Russian trial. Zakayevs sponsor, former Russian oligarch and political emigrant Boris Berezovsky, provided best British lawyers to him
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Iraq: US Have Begun Propaganda War Against Russia
Russia has not sold any high technology weapons to Iraq. As a Rosbalt correspondent reports, this was announced by Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saraf at a press conference in Baghdad today. He said that the US had started a propaganda war against Russia and emphasised that Iraq had not asked Russia for any help as it already has all the necessary resources to deal with the aggressor. More details...

Old Asia Says NO
It is rumored that the USA has prepared over 300 new super-effective instruments of killing for this Gulf war
It wont be a surprise at all if someone in Washington calls China old Asia, the same manner that the label old Europe was invented for France and Germany. By analogy with leaders from the old Europe (Bulgarian and others who would like to rush to Baghdad), there are Asiatic politicians who also want to do George W. Bush favor. Bangkok, Kabul, Manila, Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo expressed their solidarity with the US aggression on the very first day of the war. But these six YES in support of the aggression are all together much less than one NO said by China, and also by India
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An Affront to the Laws of Humanity
It is but the one-sided slaughter of a defenseless people, almost half of them children
It is but the one-sided slaughter of a defenseless people, almost half of them children, an affront to the laws of humanity so profound that it "cries revenge before God" said the Vatican. Because there is no enemy, except perhaps in the tortured minds of ageing draft-dodgers, there can be but an empty victory for the nation that has managed to turn the nearly universal sympathy she received after September 11th into nearly universal contempt
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India's Reaction to Chechen Referendum
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Vox Populi
Millions of people proved this weekend that the population of the world does not want this illegal war
From Lisbon to New York, from London to Moscow, the slogans Peace, not War! were heard. Nobody can ignore the fact that there is a growing chasm between the will of Washington and London and the people of the world.
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Europe Looks For Closer Ties With Latin America
Troubled by the uncertain global scenario after the unilateral US attack on Iraq, Latin American countries welcome more predictable alliances and approach the old Europe
During the annual Inter-American Development Bank meeting held in Milan, Italy, leaders from Latin America and Europe vowed for a new integration between both regions. This meeting might show a trend: as the USA gets involved in imperialistic military adventures across the seas, its long-running area of influence slightly moves towards a new geopolitical alliance with the European Union
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North Korea Still Dangerous for World
The North Korean army is rather powerful, despite the international isolation
South and North Koreas have been at war with each other for more than 50 years already. However, Seoul looks very peaceful at that. There has never been any peace between the capitalist South and the socialist North. The treaty of 1953 stipulated the cease-fire, although Koreas never managed to sign anything pertaining to the cessation of the state of war
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Serbia and Montenegro Mark Anniversary of NATO Bombings in Yugoslavia
The 4th anniversary of the start of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's war against Yugoslavia is marked on Monday. Commemoration services are held in all churches in Serbia and Montenegro. Flowers are laid to the monuments to victims of NATO bombardments. More details...

Finnish Foreign Minister: War in Iraq Is Blow to International Law
The war in Iraq has dealt a serious blow to the system of international law. As a result of the war, which was begun without UN approval, international law will suffer a major setback, said Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja during an appearance on Finnish television on Saturday, March 22. More details...

Polish Soldiers Fighting in Iraq
'Polish soldiers are playing an active part in military action in Iraq,' US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has told CNN journalists. According to the IAR news agency, soldiers from the elite Polish GROM regiment are playing an active part in battles with Iraqi forces. More details...

Non-Alignment Movement Calls for Recognising War Against Iraq to Be "An Act of Illegal Aggression"
Calls for recognising the war against Iraq to be "an act of illegal aggression" were sent to all the members of the UN Security Council on behalf of the Non-Alignment Movement, Prime Minister of Malaysia and president of the Non-Alignment Movement Dr. Mahathir said while speaking before the active members of the OMNO ruling party. More details...

President of Venezuela Calls on UN Secretary General to Condemn Aggression Against Iraq
President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez called on the UN Secretary General to condemn the aggression against Iraq. Chavez made a traditional TV and radio address on Sunday in Guanar, Venezuela. More details...

South America, Future US Target
Fears on an incoming Pentagon military intervention into the region worry Latin Americans
According to analysts and several sources in the region, the new Washington's preventive war doctrine could be soon deployed in South America. The CIA and the Pentagon have two known targets and are currently working on them: Colombia and the "Triple Border" between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay
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Australia, Saudi Arabia: The War
Australian elite SAS commandos have destroyed what appeared to be a ballistic missile site in Iraq
Saudi Arabia urged yesterday the United States and Iraq to halt what it termed an illegitimate war which risked igniting further Arab anger. Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal also said the United Nations should help Iraqis take control of their country when the conflict ended. "Stop the war... Lets sit down, lets have a breather after what we have seen... Lets have diplomacy work, that would be the message we would send to both," Prince Saud said
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The Country of Suicide Terrorists
The propaganda of suicides in Palestine is way too strong
Reporter Alexander Shakhijanan eye witnessed the way, Mideast separatists train children to become suicide bombers. Palestinian children dream to become suicide bombers. They dream to wear a bomb belt, to get into a bus, to blow up a bomb and die with dozens of Israelis
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Precision weaponry destroys Museum in Baghdad
Surgical strikes against military targets raze Palace of Peace and Museum
On Friday night, a terrorist attack by US/UK warplanes on Baghdad destroyed, among other buildings, the Palace of Peace and a former presidential palace which has now been transformed into a museum.
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Conservationists Take the Offensive Against Controversial Gas Project in Peru
International Groups will ask President of Inter-American Development Bank to Reject Financing for Camisea gas project in the Peruvian Amazon jungle
Environmental groups like Amazon Watch, Rainforests Action Network and others are doing a great battle against an ongoing multimillionaire gas extraction mega-project in southeastern Peru. There, vulnerable uncontacted people lived for centuries and since the works begun many have died due to new introduced diseases for which they do not have defenses
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Iraq Becomes Basis of Resistance Mechanism
And this is respective of the fact whether Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is alive or already dead
Today we cannot speak about the break-up of Saddams regime and about future prospects of post-Saddam Iraq. Professional experts are inclined to believe that due to USs scandalous policy that is practically the same as the international banditism, Saddam Hussein managed to perform political expansion far beyond the limits of the Mideast region. Thanks to his efforts, Iraq has been practically turned into the power of resistance to the mechanism of de-soveregnization imposed by the United States
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Pakistani Newspaper "Nava-i-Vakt" Accuses Washington of Attempts to Split Moslem Community
The Pakistani "Nava-i-Vakt" newspaper accused Washington of attempts to split the Moslem community. According to the newspaper, "a tragedy of death and devastation is being played in the cradle of the ancient civilization and a center of Islam." More details...

The War May Entail Ecological Disaster in the World
Americans and the allies are going to proceed with the usage of ammunition with depleted uranium as danger of such ammunition for the health of soldiers hasnt been confirmed
When Iraqi troops abandoned Kuwait in 1991, they carried out Saddams order to set about 700 oil wells on fire. And what ecologists saw on that place surpassed the worst expectations. The smog concentration in the air exceeded all possible norms 30 times. About three barrels of oil burnt out in the burning wells every day, which made up approximately 5% of the daily world consumption of oil. Black clouds went up to the height of up to 3 kilometers and were spread far beyond the borders of Kuwait. It was within a whole year that black rains containing the poisonous mixture of sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide, nitric acid and hydrocarbon fell not only in Kuwait and Iraq, but also in Saudi Arabia and Iran
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Russia Will Oppose Efforts to Legalize US-British Military Operation in the UN Security Council
Russia will counter attempts to legalize the US-British military operation against Iraq within the UN Security Council's framework. This was disclosed here today by Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, as he addressed a session of the foreign-and-defense policy council. More details...

Igor Ivanov on Possible UN Security Council Reform
A UN Security Council session involving heads of state might be held after the Iraqi crisis, Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said here today, as he addressed a session of the foreign-and-defense policy council. More details...

Australia: Frontline News
Australian armed forces have been in action for the last 3 days, taking part in the US-led assault against Iraq.
The RAAF FA-18 jets took part in the first wave of air attacks against Baghdad. According to the local media, Australian planes escort American airborne tankers and surveillance aircraft in the Arabian Gulf. Large antiwar demonstration continue in Australia. A crowd of 10, 0 00 blocked the city center in Perth Saturday, 4,000 demonstrated in Brisbane
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Argentina, Brazil Condemn the US Bombing Over Iraq
Mercosur countries join the Russian and French position against London-Washington's military actions in Middle East
In recent statements, the governments of Brazil and Argentina made clear their position on the deadly attacks carried on joint Britain and US forces in Iraq. The official reaction from the largest economies of South America has been uniformly negative even before watching Friday's huge explosions in Baghdad
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On Rights and Responsibilities in the Modern World
On USs right to use military force
In accordance with the Constitution, the USA can use military force only for self-protection. The right of making decisions on usage of military force is distributed between the legislative and executive authorities. According to the international law, leaders of countries can make decisions on usage of military force only if they think the country is under some real threat. President Bush is sure that Saddam Hussein is a threat of this kind. This is what Christopher A. Preble from the Cato Institutes Policy Analysis Department says
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Palestinian Leaders: War in Iraq to Affect Peace Process
The Palestinian leaders have expressed their anxiety that the war in Iraq may affect the Middle East peace process, said Palestine's extraordinary and plenipotentiary representative to Moscow Hairi al-Oridi at a press conference in RIA Novosti on Friday. More details...

Islamic Leaders and Arab Countries' Theologians Support Referendum in Chechnya
Supreme muftis of the Arab countries as well as theologians and leaders of Islamic religious organisations support the referendum in Chechnya. Supreme muftis and respectable theologians of Egypt, Libya, Syria, Morocco, Iran, Turkey and leaders of Islamic movements and organisations have made encouragement statements. More details...

Collective Security Treaty Members Urge for Peaceful Track for Iraqi Problem
Participants in the sixth session of the Committee of the Secretaries of the Security Councils of the member countries of the Collective Security Treaty have called for bringing the Iraqi problem back into a peaceful channel. More details...

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