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Malaysian News : General

March 24 , 2003 20:44PM E-mail this news to a friend Printable version of this news

Indons Mock Bush, Suggest Aiming At Him With Witchcraft

By Openg Onn

JAKARTA, March 24 (Bernama) -- In launching their tirade against the United States-led war on Iraq, Indonesians seem never short of ideas in attracting attention.

Sunday, a group of Muslim women protestors carried images of President George W. Bush, depicting him as a monkey and "Darwin: Origin of Species" written across, in an anti-war demonstration in front of the US embassy in the city centre.

The street demonstrations continued Sunday with protestors equating him as a "terrorist" and "vampire" as they held a large poster suggesting that warlocks be sent to the US to incapacitate Bush using the power of witchcraft.

In Indonesia, despite keeping abreast with modern technology, pockets of its backward population still attached themselves to the dark side of the spiritual world, to healing the sick or targeting enemies.

On a serious note, leaders of the demonstrations made speeches calling on the government to close the US embassy and demanded that the country pull out from the United Nations.

The anti-war demonstrations were also reported in other cities across the country since the days before the war began last Thursday.

The People's Representatives Assembly (DPR-Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat) held a special session Monday to discuss the issue following a motion tabled by the House Commission I, which among others oversee matters on foreign affairs.

The lower House of parliament issued a statement at the end of the session calling on the US coalition to halt their invasion that has been described as an act against humanity.

DPR Speaker, Akbar Tandjung said the 500-seat legislature also called on the Security Council of the UN to convene an emergency meeting to discuss efforts to stop the aggression.

The Jakarta Central Police here arrested a group of about 10 people who were about to attack a US chain of food outlet, "Sizzler" here.

The protestors with their head covered with green-band, were taken to the police station for investigation before they could do any damage to the restaurant.

There were reports earlier that another group of protestors were about to launch their attack at another US-based restaurant a short distance away.

However, till late this afternoon there was no such act taking place as the police enforced tight security at the area.

The US fast food franchise like Kentuky Fried Chicken and McDonald have been the target of demonstration throughout the country since the last few days although there was no violence so far being reported.

The Indonesian Police Public Relations Division deputy head, Grand Commissioner Zainuri Lubis said here that the police throughout the country had been put on high alert against any raid on Western assets and interests. -- BERNAMA

March 25, 2003




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