Sunday, March 23, 2003
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 The U.S. has to stop insulting the Europeans the French in particular and Europe has to prove to herself, to the Americans and to the rest of the world that she can be relevant. 
Dominique Moisi, deputy director of the French Institute of International Relations, and the author of "Crisis and War of 21st Century," commenting on Europe's role in postwar Iraq. (Kyodo)
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U.S forces head to Baghdad
Japan to provide $104.2 mil in aid
Antiwar rallies continue in U.S., Europe
Japan to transport goods for refugees
40 Japanese still in Iraq
Woman in Baghdad recounts bombing
World's oldest man turns 114
Principal fired for faking school report
U.S., British forces close in on Basra
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No use asking for halt to war: Koizumi
U.N. resolution needed to rebuild Iraq
Ministers adopt declaration on water
Koizumi hopes for early end to war
Japan will decide itself on expulsions
War may affect Tokyo gov election
Japan, China to hold talks next week
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Y30 mil stolen from pachinko parlor
Man charged with conning Blackmans
METI on alert for cyberterrorism
Crimes by foreigners up 10.6%
Nagoya Prison officers indicted
GAP unit hid Y16.8 bil income
Japan tightens security measures
Japan, U.S. to inspect ships at Y'hama
Mayor, deputy guilty of election fraud
LDP officials plead guilty
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Sakaiya: War chance to spur economy
Shares in gas mask firms up
Northwest, United announce layoffs
Stocks to move higher next week
METI: Burning oil wells not a worry yet
Nikkei sacks ex-editor for defamation
7 major bank groups to fall into red
Tokyo stock advance seen as limited
War begins to affect consumers
METI considers releasing oil reserves
JAL may hike domestic fares by 11%
Travel agents to accept rebookings
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Over 1,000 hacker attacks over war
Fuji Xerox to expand in China
Water research center to be set up
Softbank BB, 4 others get tax breaks
War may impede mobile location
Square forecasts higher profits
Sony donates AIBOs to cancer kids
Fujitsu eyes tie-ups in HDD
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Chiyotaikai wins title
Gamba downs Kyoto
Japan to play Uruguay in Tokyo on Fri
Ono's Feyenoord cruise
Irabu picks up win for Hanshin
Race reaps record betting return
Miyahira 6th at World Cup ski jump
High school baseball tourney starts
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28 baby girls found in suitcases on bus
Ex-Kashmir guerrilla leader murdered
Coal mine blast in China kills 20
Killer pneumonia spreads in Singapore
N Korea preparing for war: U.N. envoy
Australia warns of terror plot
N Korea postpones economic talks
EU calls for North Korea self-restraint
Asia-Pacific officials discuss terrorism
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U.K. plane downed by U.S. missile
ITV news team missing in south Iraq
U.S. soldier held in fatal camp attack
Iraq says 77 civilians killed in Basra
Pope calls war threat to humanity
Allies seize airport, bridge in Basra
Baghdad residents on edge
Franks gives first comments on war
Scientists find mystery illness virus
Iraq's foreign minister arrives in Syria
Academy Awards still on for now
Iraqi TV declares Saddam in control
Amnesty urges civilians be protected
Cameraman, 4 others killed by bomb
Air raid in Baghdad kills 3, injures 207
Nigerian fighters capture oil sites
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Editorial comments:

Killer pneumonia spreads in Singapore

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SINGAPORE A mysterious and deadly form of pneumonia now raging in Asia has infected 44 people in Singapore, the Health Ministry said in its latest update on Saturday.

The ministry said another five people have contracted "severe acute respiratory syndrome" (SARS) since the last update on Friday when 39 people were reported to have caught the virus.

So far the illness has not spread beyond hospital staff and friends and relatives of those infected earlier.

Only three patients have been discharged from hospital and eight are seriously ill.

The ministry has stepped up precautionary measures to cut off secondary transmission especially among hospital staff and reduce the risk of any community spread by isolating and treating all SARS cases in two hospitals.

The ministry has also taken precautionary measures for school children by requiring the children of people who have any links to infected patients to stay away from school for another week.

In addition, it is requiring stepped up vigilance in schools, preschools and child care centers, with children who have a fever to be asked to seek medical attention and to return to school only when they are well.

The government appealed to citizens to remain calm.

"We also advise you to stay calm and continue with your daily routine. Though SARS is infectious, there is no need for alarm as your risk of catching SARS is low," the ministry said.

The ministry said recently that it believes it has identified the virus as paramyxovirus, which is known to be related to diseases such as mumps, measles and Japanese encephalitis.

The breakout erupted in Singapore about a week ago when three women came down with pneumonia after returning from Hong Kong. (Kyodo News)

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Univ fronting for Chinese illegals
Public desert political parties
Megabanks put off day of reckoning
Tokyo becoming crime paradise
Japanese pop culture can unify Asia

How long before N Korea hits Japan?
New BOJ appointees will bicker
Japan's shameful ambassador to U.N.
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Suicides on the increase

What do you think about Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's stated reasons for supporting U.S. action against Iraq?
"Koizumi is a paranoid sucker."

What do you think about the Japanese human shields in Iraq?
"I saw them on the news and was encouraged by them because I also have been protesting against the war."

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