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USWAR/Mass exodus of Iraqis to safer regions reported

 Zakho, Kurdistan prov, March 27, IRNA -- The airlift of 1,000 US      
paratroopers in northern Iraqi regions has sparked mass exodus of     
citizens to the Iranian and Turkish borders.                          
    IRNA correspondent in northern Iraq says residents of Dohuk,      
Zavetia, Zakho and Arbil had deserted their residence out of fear of  
heavy clashes between the coalition and Iraqi forces in the coming    
    The US paratroopers are reportedly being deployed at Harir village
near Arbil on Thursday morning.                                       
    IRNA correspondent in northern Iraq reports the US forces had     
flown to the area from their base in Italy. They took control of      
airport at Harir without any battle and are protected by Kurdish      

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