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USWAR/Residents of northern Iraq voice reluctance to go under US

Bashmaq and Dezli Border, Kurdestan Prov, April 3, IRNA -- A number of
Suleymaniah citizens in the Bashmaq border area of this province      
voiced on Thursday their reluctance to US rule despite what they said 
was their dislike for Saddam Hussein.                                 
    An Iraqi businessmen who frequents the Bashmaq border market in   
Iran told IRNA that his countrymen are calling for a government that  
will be elected by the people from all walks of life.                 
    Meanwhile, a businessman from Penjwin asked: "If the United States
really intends to set up a democracy in Iraq, why is it recklessly    
resorting to violent methods to impose its will on the oppressed      
Iraqi women and children?"                                            
    "Both Saddam Hussein and the United States are guilty of arrogance
in the way they have dealt with the Iraqi nation over the past many   
years in order to secure their own interests," he added.              
    The Iraqi businessman expressed his hatred at the United States   
while also obviously harboring disdain for Saddam.                    
    Another trader from Suleymaniah said that the post-Saddam regime  
in Iraq should be one elected by popular will with all tribes and     
parties in participation.                                             
    "If the United States and Britain are real advocates of           
democratic rule in Iraq, why have they been so arrogant towards Iraqi 
the people all these past years?" he added.                           
    The Iraqi trader said he looked forward to one day seeing a safe  
and peaceful Iraq, but noted that those who openly call for democracy 
in the country are just concerned with their own interests.           
    "Iran has always extended its assistance to the oppressed Iraqi   
people despite the heavy damage inflicted on it by Saddam Hussein and 
the United States and, for this, we owe a great deal to this          
neighboring country," he sincerely said.                              
    Another businessman from the Iraqi city of Biareh said that       
Saddam is a dictator, but that the Iraqi people will not let any      
country impose a government not of their choice on them.              
    Lauding Iran's humanitarian relief aid, he said he wished that he 
were an Iranian and could enjoy its peace and tranquility.            
    "I look forward to the day peace and security will rule in my own 
homeland," he said with nostalgia.                                    
    The distribution of humanitarian food supplies to residents of    
the Bashmaq border market, in the city of Marivan, has gathered pace  
since the outbreak of the US-led war on Iraq.                         

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