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US assault on Iran means NATO's end: German ruling party official

 Berlin, April 2, IRNA -- A top member of the ruling German Social     
Democratic Party (SPD) here Wednesday warned the United States        
against attacking the Islamic Republic of Iran, saying such a military
assault would spell the end of the NATO pact.                         
    Social Democratic Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate state    
Kurt Beck said Germany would have to cancel US air force overfly      
rights in case of a war with Iran.                                    
    "There would be no more basis for cooperation," Beck was quoted   
as saying on German television, stressing that such an action would   
destroy the foundation of NATO.                                       
    The German official was referring to statements by US Defense     
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell who     
threatened Iran and Syria with military actions for allegedly         
interfering in the American-led war in Iraq.                          
    Iran has rejected the baseless American accusations, saying it    
is adhering to its official policy of "active neutrality" in the Iraq 

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