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USWAR/US should not talk of Geneva Convention: Indian leader

 New Delhi, March 24, IRNA - India's Nationalist Congress party,       
general secretary said on Monday that "how the US can talk of Geneva  
Convention while Washington itself has ignored the very international 
organization, the United Nations.                                     
    Tariq Anwar told IRNA while commenting on the US imposed war on   
Iraq that "the war will be a long war as the Iraqi people have the    
reason to fight while the US which has gone to war without the support
of UN or the international community, has to pay the price for it.    
    Anwar said that the US war on Iraq with pretext of destroying     
the so-called destruction of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) is     
unjust and peace loving people of the world are against it.           
    While on the other hand US is the biggest arm producer it is      
 talking about removal of weapons of mass destruction, he added.      
    "US is the only terrorist state in the world and they are         
terrorizing Muslims and trying to impose and implement their          
malicious and malign design", he said, adding, "US is following and   
playing the policy of divide and rule in the Middle East and they     
will adopt this for all countries".                                   
    "US policy is that if the whole of Middle East is united and      
countries are friendly then the Muslim world will become a threat to  
them and now they are following the policy of divide and crush each   
other. US is supporting one and abolishing the regime of another", he 
    Ridiculing the present balance of power, he said, "in the absence 
of a check and balance of power, US is taking advantage and is        
behaving in the most dictatorial manner and because of this world     
countries like Russia, China, Germany and France are coming together  
which is a good sign and will open a safety value to stop US          
    "With this US imposed war, for the survival of other countries in 
the world there is a realization of anti-war countries to come        
together as attitude of US Bush administration of unilateral action   
is against peace," he said.                                           

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