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USWAR/Spanish politician predicts US will not in current war

 Madrid, March 23, IRNA -- Spanish United Left Coalition Party Leader  
Gaspar Llamazares said here Saturday that George W. Bush and          
his ruling elite will not achieve their goals.                        
    Llamazares told IRNA that the Bush administration was trying      
to bring Iraq, Israel and Saudi Arabia into an "axis of good" but has 
desperately failed.                                                   
    He said the lure of economic profits from this region of oil is   
so great for America but, unfortunately, US President George W. Bush  
will not be able to deliver them.                                     
    Llamazares stressed that regional conditions are a lot different  
from what the US expected them to be.                                 
    He gave a hint of what the US objectives in the Middle East were  
and said this sensitive region would put US interests at stake.       
    Many Spanish political partisans are of the view that the ongoing 
war on Iraq is not aimed at disarming the country and has neither the 
backing of UN Security Council resolutions nor is justified as a      
defense of human rights, he pointed out.                              
    He said the US is waging the war to change the political map of   
the region and bring its energy resources, particularly oil and gas,  
under its control.                                                    
    He said the US is also trying to win acquiescence to its          
self-styled leadership of a unipolar international system as opposed  
to a multipolar international order and a regime of international     
    Llamazares dismissed US assertions that the ongoing war aims to   
check terrorism and weapons of mass destruction from going into the   
hands of irresponsible regimes.                                       
    He warned that contrary to such assertions, the war would fan     
the arms race and increase tension and instability in the region as   
well as in the international arena.                                   
    The source further criticized Ankara's deployment of forces in    
Iraqi Kurdistan and Israel's policy of fomenting instability in       
occupied lands and its apathy to the plight of Palestinians.          
    "We do not at all accept the war and believe that it will lead to 
a human catastrophe and many adverse political consequences," he said.
    Llamazares said that the goals of the US in the region are clear  
but that it will not be able to achieve them.                         
    He stressed the need to maintain the sovereignty of regional      
states through democractic and peaceful means and continued support   
for the world order.                                                  

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