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USWAR/PGCC calls for immediate halt of US war

 Riyadh, March 23, IRNA -- The Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) 
voiced here Saturday its concerns over current regional developments  
and called for an immediate halt to the US-led war on Iraq which is   
entering its 4th day.                                                 
    The PGCC secretariat here, in a statement, expressed the hope     
that the current crisis in the region would end up peacefully for the 
benefit of mankind.                                                   
    The statement also stressed Iraq's independence and the need to   
preserve its territorial integrity.                                   
    It said the security of Kuwait must be maintained, adding that    
the PGCC is committed to defending the collective security of member  
states and violation of the security of one amounts to violation of   
the security of all.                                                  

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