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USWAR/Convoy of Iraqi armored vehicles moving towards Umm-ul-Qasr

  Arvand Kenar, Khuzestan Prov, March 23, IRNA -- A convoy of Iraqi    
armored vehicles was seen moving toward Umm-ul-Qasr Port on Saturday  
evening in the south of Iraq, about whose fate there has been         
contradictory news during the past few days.                          
    The Iraqi vehicles were carrying soldiers to the port city that   
the US-British forces had claimed that had captured on Friday.        
    The Iraqi forces moving towards Umm-ul-Qasr included several      
columns of armored vehicles, equipped with tanks and canons, and the  
umber of their infantry exceeded 1,000 soldiers.                      
    According to dispatches, Iraq has implanted lots of land mines    
around the Umm-ul-Qasr Port, which has made capturing it a tough job  
for the invading forces.                                              
    No independent source has still been able to visit the important  
Iraqi port from which all of Iraq's oil exports used to be transferred
since the US and British forces claimed it fell to their forces'      

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