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USWAR/Jordan king says attempts under way to end Iraq war

 Amman, March 23, IRNA -- Jordanian King Abdullah Ibn Al-Hussein said  
on Saturday his country would follow efforts to end the US-led war on 
Iraq saying the war would leave irreparable damage on the             
crisis-stricken people of Iraq.                                       
    The official news agency of Jordan reported that king Abdullah II 
in a meeting of Jordanian cabinet stressed hat his country was taking 
contact with the United Nations, United States, European countries and
Iraq to bring the war to a halt.                                      
    He said "it is a human obligation for US to try to bring an end to
the hardships and sufferings of the Iraqi people."                    
    He said he has been seeing the many hardships and challenges of   
the Iraqi nation on TV and other media reports and so he has made     
up his mind to embark on diplomatic attempts to end the Iraq          
devastating war.                                                      
    He said Jordan would provide humanitarian aid to the Iraqi people 
but did not comment on the amount and kind of assistance to be given  
by his country to the people of Iraq.                                 
     The king stated that the Jordanian people are very angry over    
what is going on in Iraq adding that unfortunately the international  
 community has failed in its efforts to bring the Iraqi war to halt.  
    He commented on the Iraq crisis and said the United States war to 
disarm Iraq has confronted the international community with a new     
series of challenges.                                                 
    He touched on the situation in Iraq and said Iraqi children are   
undergoing a very tough situation and the country is lacking the      
sufficient medical health care services and facilities.               
    He said he was of the opinion that the United States war on Iraq  
would destabilize the entire region.                                  
    Experts are convinced that the war launched by United States and  
Britain is meant for the invaders to gain access to the vast oil and  
gas reserves in that country.                                         
    They say the United States is following the old imperialist       
methods and the country's leaders are just preserving the US interests
with any costs.                                                       

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