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US WAR/Iran strongly objects to violation of its airspace

 Tehran, March 22, IRNA -- Iran on Friday strongly objected the        
violation of its airspace during the third day of the US-British      
forces' war against Iraq.                                             
    The head of the Legal Affairs Bureau of the Iranian Ministry of   
Foreign Affairs Mohammad Danesh-Yazdi informed the caretaker of the   
interests in Iran, the Swiss Ambassador, and the British ambassador   
to Tehran, of Iran's strong objection to the violation of its         
   Danesh-Yazdi asked the two ambassadors to inform the US and British
forces to watch out not to permit the occurrence of such incidents    
in the future and to respect the airspace of the Islamic Republic of  
Iran thoroughly.                                                      
   The ambassadors of Switzerland and Britain, too, confirming the    
need to respect the airspace of the Islamic Republic of Iran during   
the Iraq crisis during the US-British forces' invasion against Iraqi  
targets, said they will inform the concerned US and British           
authorities of Iran's strong objection and promised to announce the   
outcome of their inquiry in that respect as soon as possible.         

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