Streaming-Videos from Iraq or on the war
Iraq's Goverment website's

Iraq-webcams and livestreams

What time is it in Iraq?


Streams, that are only casted on the Net. Sometimes showing the same house for hours, sometimes casting press-conferences.

Adress What can you see? Broadcaster Sound (yes/no) kbit's Software
rtsp://*/encoder/cnn_webcast2_high Skyline, some tents in the front LIVE yes 316,2 kbit/s Real most of the time a house and a street - but switching to other content sometimes. BBC no 34 kbit/s real mostly a big cross-way, but also press-conferences n-tv sometimes ca. 250kbit/s if you use "Breitband/DSL" real*/livenews.rm&plugin=1&proto=rtsp mostly the same cross-way, as the others CBS News yes 225 kbit/s real cross-way BBC yes 34 kbit/s real crossway don't know no 225 kbit/s real mostly house and street, I think it belongs to msnbc MSNBC yes don't know mediaplayer


Tv-Stations, streaming the Net

Adress What can you see? Broadcaster Sound (yes/no) kbit's Software news BBC yes 34 kbit/s real Al-Jazeera stream don't know yes don't know mediaplayer


offical websites of the Iraq - often not reachable

Adress Topic official website of Iraq's president one and only Iraq Internet provicer