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N. Korea Claims U.S. May Attack After War
7:10 pm

Syria, Libya Organize Anti-War Protests
7:10 pm

Allies Take 3,500 Captive, Rumsfeld Says
7:10 pm

U.S. Takes 3,500 Prisoners, Rumsfeld Says
7:00 pm

A Look at Families of U.S. POWs, MIAs
7:00 pm

Sandstorms Slow U.S., British Forces
6:50 pm

Israeli Troops Kill Four in West Bank
6:50 pm

Jordan, Iraq Trade Blame Over Oil
6:50 pm

U.S. Says Six Jamming Devices Destroyed
6:40 pm

U.S. Fights Elite Force on Way to Baghdad
6:40 pm

From the Associated Press


U.S. Officials Assume Saddam's Alive

Tuesday March 25, 2003 6:40 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) - American officials say they have no new information that proves Saddam Hussein is alive or dead, although some officials say they must assume he is alive.

U.S. officials said Tuesday that some in the Bush administration believe that he survived last week's airstrike aimed at the Dora Farms complex where he slept. Others, however, say the intelligence remains inconclusive and sometimes contradictory about his status.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he believes Saddam is alive.

``I've found credible the statements that he has made since then'' as proof he is alive, he said.

From Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., a presidential candidate and former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he also believes Saddam is alive.

``The intelligence agencies, both ours and the British, I think have concluded that he is still alive, that he might have been injured as a result of that first night's bombing,'' he said. ``As long as he is living and functioning, he will continue his authoritarian rule over the country.''

American intelligence officials, however, disputed Graham's contention that they have reached any conclusion about Saddam's status.

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