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Rosbalt, 24/03/2003, 16:03

Finnish Foreign Minister: War in Iraq Is Blow to International Law

HELSINKI, March 24. The war in Iraq has dealt a serious blow to the system of international law. As a result of the war, which was begun without UN approval, international law will suffer a major setback, said Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja during an appearance on Finnish television on Saturday, March 22.

Tuomioja said that it was important that the US' chosen manner of behaviour did not turn into a 'generally accepted model' on the basis of which any state could prevent or attempt to prevent a real or exaggerated threat from another state by the use of military force. He said that Europe and other countries should work to ensure that a new understanding of the importance of multilateral cooperation and taking into account mutual interests becomes embedded in the international community before too much harm is done and many people die.

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 24.03  The War Is Over. Forget about It.
The US war against international terrorism, supported by most of the world after the events of September 11, 2001, has come to an end. The victor is terrorism itself, which has managed to impose its own logic on its main opponent.
 17.03  Removing Nuclear Fuel from Kursk Submarine
The unique job of removing nuclear fuel from the Kursk nuclear submarine has been completed. The operation was carried out by the Imandra maintenance vessel, which has now returned to base.
 14.03  Oil to China, to Asia, for Everyone?
The Russian cabinet met yesterday to consider rival proposals for an oil pipeline from Siberia to Asia. At the meeting arguments between oil companies over the choice of an 'eastern' route for Russian oil exports boiled over.
 14.03  The 'Putin Plan' or a New Political Era
With his recent security reshuffle Vladimir Putin has sent a strong signal to Russian bureaucrats: the President is in control and will not tolerate any more games.
 12.03  Armenian President Faces New Dilemma
Recent presidential elections have cast a black cloud over Armenia, but Russia could benefit greatly from the current political instability.
 11.03  Transneft President: Private Pipeline Is Unthinkable in Russia
In an interview for Rosbalt, Transneft President Semyon Vainshtock states for the first time that the Western Siberia - Timan-Pechora - Murmansk oil pipeline could be built without the participation of private oil companies.

 03.03  United We Stand, Divided We Fall
The world needs to act as one in the fight against international terrorism. Unilateral action by one country would lead to a worsening of the situation, believes Russian Senator Mikhail Margelov.
 28.02  Joining the West's Club
Russia's forthcoming entry into the WTO continues to provoke heated debate. Optimists see a golden economic future, but pessimists fear the consequences for the poorer sections of Russian society.
 24.02  Do Poles Really View Russia as an Enemy? (1)
A young Polish sociologist reassures us that Polish people now feel less hostile towards Russians than they did ten years ago.
 22.02  Electricity Reform Takes off
The restructuring of state energy holding UES of Russia will be carried out under the control of the government and the holding's new shareholders, who have successfully cut the 'energy cake' between them.
 18.02  Process of National Self-Determination
Experts predict that the number of states in the world will grow by half at the start of the new millennium.
 17.02  US and Europe Oceans Apart over Iraq (1)
France and Germany's policy is causing a rift within NATO which could eventually lead to the loss of US influence in Europe and EU displacement of NATO.
 14.02  Russia's Surplus Oil Seeks New Pipelines
Russia has overtaken Saudi Arabia in terms of oil production. However, there is unlikely to be any increase in export capacity in the near future.
 12.02  'A Different Kind of Russia' for Russians, 'a Different Kind of Europe' for Europeans
Tourism is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of Kaliningrad's economy, but it may be threatened by EU expansion.
 10.02  Automakers' Lobby Strikes Again
If it continues being pampered, the Russian auto industry may go belly up when forced into equal competition with foreign makers.
 05.02  Tercentenary Collapse
As St. Petersburg's 300th anniversary draws closer, preparations for the event are becoming mired in scandal and farce.
 03.02  Russia and Lithuania: Business Comes First
Relations between Lithuania and Russia are currently 'good, even friendly, and economics should overcome emotions...' says Lithuanian politician Alvidas Medalinskas.
 31.01  What Fills a Person with Hate? (3)
Rosbalt's German-based writer offers five highly personal views of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, portraying the depth of feeling that separates the participants.
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