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03-20-03 10:26 AM ET
Data Delayed 20 Mins
DJIA 8149.69 -115.76
NASDAQ 1374.48 -22.59
S & P 500 860.01 -14.01
Pentagon: Iraqis Set Oil Wells on Fire
U.S. strikes Baghdad, aiming at 'targets of military opportunity' including Saddam Hussein and other key Iraqi officials; Iraq retaliates with missile attack on Kuwait
• Photo Essay: War Against Iraq

U.S. Helicopter Crashes
Chopper carrying special forces went down before strike; no casualties

World Reacts to Iraq Attacks
Reactions from the streets of Pakistan to the beaches of Barbados

Bush: Opening Stages Have Begun
• Video: The Address
• Raw Data: Text of Speech

Wall Street Jittery as War Starts
Stocks fall as anxious investors scramble for information

America Reacts to Launch of War
Residents from all corners of the country express mixed feelings

Tornado Kills 6 in Georgia
At least 25 injured and one still missing; buildings destroyed

Iraqi Attack Intercepted
Missiles were heading toward U.S. troops stationed in Kuwait

U.S. Troops Raid Afghan Villages
About 1,000 GIs part of 'Valiant Strike'
• Video: Geraldo Reports

Saddam Addresses Iraq on TV
• Video: The Speech
• Raw Data: Text of Speech

Correspondent Tracker
Steve Harrigan reports on damage in Iraq (Fox Fan registration required)

Cuban Plane Hijacked
Airliner lands in Fla. after six attackers forced crew to divert flight

Pro-Bush Celebs Miss Out
Stars who support the president haven't gotten the spotlight

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Last Updated: 3-20-03 10:38am ET
Rumsfeld Briefing at 11 EST
Iraqis Set Fire to Two Oil Wells
More Than 40 Tomahawks Used in Initial Strike
White House Closed to Tourists
Video: The First Strike