Map centre: 36N 54E, width 36 degrees

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Satellite data provided by The Living Earth Inc./Earth Imaging
1996, All Rights Reserved.

Important note: Since the start of hostilities in Iraq, the number of daily requests for Earth and Moon Viewer images has doubled, resulting in slow response time. To address this problem, the maximum image size has been restricted from 1024 pixels to 480 pixels "for the duration". Please try to limit your use of Earth Viewer during this period; doing lots of panning and zooming consumes resources which delay others in obtaining images. Also, please note that the high resolution Living Earth images (as opposed to weather satellite images) are generated from a static database, and are not live or near-current images. You cannot use them to see events taking place on the ground, so there is no reason to repeatedly view an image over and over. Thank you for your cooperation.

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by John Walker