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Cumulative number of reported suspect and probable cases (SARS)

From: 1 Feb 2003 To: 22 Mar 2003, 14:00 GMT+1

Country Cumulative number of case(s) § Number of deaths Local transmission
Canada  9  2  Yes
China +      
Germany  2  0  None*
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China  222  7**  Yes
Italy  2  0  None*
Republic of Ireland  1  0  None*
Singapore  44  0  Yes
Slovenia  1  0  None*
Spain  1  0  None*
Switzerland  7  0  To be determined
Taiwan, China  6  0  Yes
Thailand  4  0  None*
United Kingdom  2  0  None*
United States  22  0  To be determined
Viet Nam  63  2  Yes
Total 386 11  


It is possible for the status of a reported case to change over time. SARS is a diagnosis of exclusion. This means that whenever a known cause is found that could fully account for a patient's clinical condition, this patient should no longer be considered to be a case of SARS.

+The Chinese authorities have reported suspect and probable cases in Guangdong province. Figures are being updated.

§ Cumulative number of cases includes number of deaths.

* No documented secondary transmission in-country. No affected areas.

**One death attributed to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China occurred in a case medically transferred from Viet Nam.

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