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20 March 2003
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BBC World has been following all developments in the Iraq crisis from the outset with special in-depth programmes and reports as well as regular live updates from our unparalleled network of correspondents round the clock, 7 days a week.  With trained teams in Iraq , Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia the resources of a regional hub news bureau in Jerusalem as well as permanent coverage in the US, UN headquarters and all major world cities, BBC World aims to provide an accurate and unbiased account of the diplomatic developments as well the local population's experience on the ground. 

Now that war has broken out against Iraq, BBC World has responded with round-the-clock coverage including live reports from our network of BBC News correspondents, studio interviews with key international commentators and politicians as well as special in-depth documentary programmes detailing the history and context of the conflict.

With defence experts explaining any military movement and live news anchored from the region by (Nik Gowing in Qatar and Lyse Doucet in Jordan), BBC World's aim would be to ensure its global audience is kept as well informed as possible, hears both sides of the story and is offered a broad view of events.

Viewers in 200 countries around the world can expect to receive an accurate and unbiased account of events as they unfold from BBC World whether they are in their homes, workplace or as they travel, in hotels and on airlines. Alongside BBC World Service radio and  BBC News online with,  BBC World expects its audiences to interact where possible offering their views on global events through e-mails, text and telephone.

As of 12th March 2003 - Deployment of correspondents is as follows: News Anchor Nik Gowing (Qatar), Rageh Omar (Baghdad), John Simpson (Northern Iraq), Lyse Doucet - BBC World News Anchor- and Caroline Hawley (Jordan), Brian Barron (Bahrain).

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